12 Gauge Exotic Shotgun Ammunition

Dragons Breath

Dragons Breath

Price: $14.99 / $109.99

The BEST signal round money can buy. Shoots 100 feet of sparks to alert your location or signal distress. Available in 3 round and 25 round packs. 2 3/4" Shells. 




Price: $12.99 / $99.99

Each round is packed with hardened steel flechettes (darts). These were used in Vietnam to eliminate enemy soldiers in heavy bush. Available in a 3 round or 25 round pack. 2 3/4" shells. 

NOT AVAILABLE IN: New York City, Cook County, IL, DC, MA, AK, FL, CA & HI.

Ball & Chain (Bolo)

Ball and Chain

Price: $12.99 / $99.99

Two slugs connected by steel wire. Great for cutting down small trees and thick brush. 

NOT AVAILABLE IN: New York City; Marin, Napa, Ventura and Yolo counties, CA; Cook County, IL, DC, MA, AK, FL & HI

12 Gauge Sample Pack

12 gauge sample pack

Price: $13.99

Not sure what you like? Try the sample pack. You get one round of each of our most popular rounds, Dragons Breath, Flechette and Ball & Chain. 

Contains Three (3) 2 3/4" Shells.  

NOT AVAILABLE IN: AK, CA, DC, FL, HI, IA, MA, Cook County, IL & New York City. 

Door Buster

12 Gauge Door Buster

Price: $12.99

Tiny lead shot filled cup acts as a solid projectile. All energy is expelled on impact BLASTING AWAY your objective without penetration!!

Contains Three (3) 2 3/4" Shells.  

Flash Bangs (Power Blanks)

12 Gauge Flash Bang

Price: $9.99 / $39.99 / $75.99

A thunderous 120+ decibel report with a dazzling 3 ft. muzzle flash! Equal to an actual blast. Safe for all shotguns and flare pistols. 

Rhodesian Jungle

12 Gauge Rhodesian Jungle

Price: $9.99 / $74.99

00 buck packed with small lead shot. Double your chances of hitting your target!!!!

Contains Three (3) 2 3/4" Shells.  


12 Gauge Pitbull

Price: $9.99

Pure Power!! Six .00 Buck Pellets blast out along with one heavy duty slug!!

Contains Three (3) 2 3/4" Shells.

Double Slug

12 Gauge Double Slug

Price: $9.99

One Shot. Two Slugs! Double the punch, the impact and the chance of hitting your target all in one shot! This 12 gauge round is loaded with two slugs. The recoil is a little heavier than a standard load and so are the results! At 25 yards, the two slugs will strike your objective about 2 inches apart. At 50 yards, the strike spreads to nearly a foot apart! Unbelieveable twin knock-down power!!

Contains three 2 3/4" Shells.

Kitchen Sink

12 Gauge Kitchen Sink

Price: $9.99

EVERYTHING.....but the Kitchen Sink! This 12 Gauge round is loaded with birdshot, .00 buckshot and a .50 caliber musketball. 

Contains three 2 3/4"shells. 

Anger Management Sample Pack

12 Gauge Anger Management

Price: $9.99

A Sample Pack of our three meanest rounds. Contains one round each of 12 gauge Pitbull, Kitchen Sink and Double Slug. 

Contains three 2 3/4" shells. 

12 Gauge MEGA Pack

12 Gauge MEGA Pack

Price: $99.99

Want to try it all? Now you can and at a discount! Get one 3 round pack of our 12 gauge rounds listed below: 

Dragons Breath, Flechettes, Ball & Chain, Door Buster, Flash Bang, Pitbull, Rhodesian Jungle, Kitchen Sink and Double Slug. 

All State Restrictions apply.