Loaded 26.5mm rounds are Hazmat items

26.5mm Re-loadable Case


26.5mm reloadable cases!! Utilizes a 209 shogun primer for ignition and has a built in powder bushing. Designed to be used with black powder.  These cases will last a lifetime!

Smokeless Aluminum 26.5MM High Performance Screw Apart Casing.[/b] 
This 26.5 casing was specifically designed for the re-loader and to increase performance. The casing does not require a blank cartridge for propulsion. It utilizes a small pistol primer and has it's own high pressure chamber machined into the base housing. The vent plug is removable via a hex drive to load smokeless powder and a vent plug wad.
I am taking pre orders now for grog forum members at $11 each.  They will be shipping in about a week and a half.  After that the price goes up to the normal $12.99 each.

Price: $12.95



26.5mm to 12gauge flare adapter

This adapter allows you to shoot 12 gauge flares from your 26.5mm flare gun. Manufactured by American Specialty Ammo. 



Price: $15.00



26.5mm to 12g shot shell adapter

This adapter is intended for registered flare guns only!!  This adapter is ONLY safe to shoot 12 gauge shot shells in 26.5 rifles or 40/37mm launchers with 26.5 adapter installed.  It is not safe to shoot 12 gauge shot shells in 26.5mm pistols (the recoil WILL break your wrist). Manufactured by American Specialty Ammo.  

For 26.5mm pistols you will need to use one of our 410 inserts inside the 26.5mm to 12 gauge adapter.  This will allow you to shoot 410 rounds out of your 26.5mm flare pistol without breaking your wrist.  Add a 410 insert for $10.00



Combining this adapter with an un-registered flare launcher turns your flare launcher into an un-regestered destructive device. The penalty for possessing an un-registered destructive device is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

If you need help registering your launcher please contact us. We will send you the correct forms and answer any questions you may have

If we suspect you do not own a registered class 3 launcher we will cancel your order.

Price: $45.00/$55 add 410 insert



26.5mm to 22lr Adapter

This Sub-Caliber Flare Gun Insert is perfect for boaters, campers or hikers.  This insert simply slides into your 26.5mm flare gun to allow you to fire .22 long rifle cartridges. The rifled steel barrel is in encased in a lightweight corrosion resistant adapter adding minimal additional weight. The offset barrel is positioned to make for a perfect shot every time. To top it off, the insert slides right into your 26.5mm flare gun and is ready to shoot, making installation foolproof.Do Not Dry Fire! The firing pin could deform the chamber of the barrel. Dry firing will void your warranty.

Please be aware that this product turns your flare gun into a firearm when inserted and all state and Federal laws must be followed.(flare gun and ammo are not included.)

Item has been discontinued

26.5mm Payload cup with Cap

This cup is can be used to make rounds such as direct despersal pepper rounds or impact chalk rounds. If you are using them to make anti-personel rounds such as stinger rounds make sure to follow all local, state and federal rules and regulations. Each cup comes with one cap.    Not all flare guns are capable of firing heavy loads.  Check with the manufactuer before using. 

Price: $1.75



26.5 Fused payload cup with Cap

This 26.5mm Fused payload cup is designed to be use for smoke, firework, and flare rounds. Each cup comes with a cap. Just load cap and fire!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THESE TO MAKE EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS. IT IS DANGEROUS AND ILLEGAL.


Price: $2.25

26.5mm White Parachute flare

Price: $6.99


Out of stock


26.5mm Blue Smoke

Price: $5.99 each


Hazmat Item


26.5mm Orange Smoke

Price: $5.99


Hazmat Item


26.5mm Red Tri Burst Flare

Price: $5.99 each


Hazmat Item


26.5mm Red Flare

Price: $5.99 each


Hazmat Item


26.5mm Green Flare

Price: $5.99 each


Hazmat Item


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